I'm looking for bass amp that's has enough wattage to play in a band and maybe gig

I mostly play Pop punk and Metal (thrash,metalcore,melodic death)

My bass is a Epiphone Thunderbird 4 and my budget is around 600-700$

Is this thing any good

Line 6 LowDown LD300 Pro Combo Bass Amp : http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-LowDown-LD300-Pro-Combo-Bass-Amp?sku=482192
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Last night I saw a blues band play with one of those and it was pretty good. Although people around here don't seem to like anything by Line 6. Make sure to play it yourself and compare to other amps if you think about buying it.
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i play guitar, so i cant help u all that much, and i dont know if u live in wawa or where the **** petawawa is but when i lived in hamilton there was a great music shop somewhere donwtown, looked like **** but the people were as helpful as they possibly could get, if u cant decide on what to get, go to all the guitar stores in hamilton, u might find the store but it may have closed down since i lived there, good luck m8, hope u find what ur l;ookingf for
To be heard over a drummer the general rule of thumb is over 100 watts to just squeak by. Some people on here love their Ashdown MAG's. The amp I'm going to be purchasing is an Acoustic B200 200watt amp, when I played it I loved it.

Also Line 6 doesn't have a spectacular reputation. I mean its not bad, but its nothing phenomenal. I think I played that model, and yeah it was ok, but it didn't wow me.
With that budget you could get an an Ashdown MAG 410 and the Mag 600 head that goes with it. That way you will have plenty of wattage to be heard over a hard hitting drummer.
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