I bought my Dunlop 535Q wah about two months ago or so (a little after I got my Mesa). When I tried it out at the store, it sounded pretty good, although I only got to try it with a clean and a rough crunchy sound; I was running a B-52 combo, and the lead channel was getting loud for the guys at GC to allow me to test it with , so I was forced to use an MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive. I went with the 535Q because it sounded good, and had the features that allowed me to alter the sound somewhat.

However, after mucking around with it for the past two months, I've grown to hate it. In front of my MG, it sounded cool, but in front of my Mesa it sounds insanely trebly, and cuts the low end and makes it insanely mushy [and quite]. As soon as I turn it on, there's noticable noise, and will feedback unless I keep my hand clamped over the strings. With the volume boost on, it's unbearable unless I'm constantly playing. When doing something like power chords with it, or even octaves, I can't get the wah to produce the notes clearly. In addition to that, the sweep is HORRIBLE; it goes from low end mush to scratchy high end nastiness.

To clarify, I've put a fresh 9 volt battery in it AND I use a Visual Sound One Spot power adapter, which I know is a good adapter since I've used it with two other pedals I've tried out (one being my DS-1, the other being my cousin's pedal).

NOW, what I want to know is do any other 535Q users have issues with their wah like this? If not, what settings do you use on the wah itself?

If no one can give me some settings or something to use with it, or suggest some ways to help with the sound (without spending a bunch of money on a sampling of adapters or expensive mods), is there any other wah that may suit my needs?

I play lots of rock and metal, but also enjoy blues and jazz a lot. My gear is in my signature. What I'm looking for in a wah is a nice (preferably HUGE) sweep, that goes from warm, low, clear bassy notes to screaming [yet not nasally] high end. Favorite wah tones include Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend Band), Slash (Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver), Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave), Michael Amott (Arch Enemy), Omar Rodriguez Lopez (At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta, Alex Lifeson (Rush), and some others.

Don't get me wrong, the 535Q is useful for some weird filtering sounds (like Adam Jones uses it), but I actually want to be able to use it for that nice, sweeping vocalness in the above mentioned tones.

Thanks for the help in advanced, I really appreciate it.

Get it modded.

EDIT: Btw Cry Baby's aren't the best Wah pedals, I suggest you get an RMC, best I've used, with a B52 and a Single Rectifier.
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aren't the RMC's like 200 bucks? I'd kind of like to keep it 150 and under, maybe a little more if it's really worth it.

And I've looked into something like Robert Keeley mods and he doesn't work on the 535Q to my discontent. I didn't see anything on Analogman's site, and I don't know where else to look.
sounds like you have noisy power and/or bad grounding (maybe?) thats giving noise and feedback

but modding is probably your best bet. 535q is the best of the crybabies IMO (which arent really that good :/ )

That's what I've come to realize about the Dunlop wahs. : ( Although weirdly the one original Crybaby I played sounded REALLY good; but it WAS through a Spider III, which isn't the best representation of an items true potential, so knowing my luck i'd take it home and it'd be horrible.

I noticed a lot of guy's I listen to are using the Morley Bad Horsie wah (whether it's the original or 2), and from the sound clips I've heard and demos, it's got a really nice sound to it; I'm actually really liking it. Would this be a viable option for my needs (using more for solos, leads and such as opposed to weird noises and filtering)?

And it's not the power or anything that's causing the noise, seeing as I get the same noise whether i'm using an adapter or battery. AND I go from guitar > wah > mesa, and I've got Monster Cables (which give me no noise, even when I trash it around [which can cause noise in some cables I've found out]), and it's not the amp; I've got my gain up high (actually, it's on 4, but for the DC that's A LOT of gain), and I can keep the volume on my guitar on 10, with the lead channel on, and just not play or clamp my strings shut, and I get 0 feedback.
Have you looked at the Crybaby From Hell?
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Have you looked at the Crybaby From Hell?

Isn't that essentially a 535Q with a different paintjob and Dimebag's name on it?
I tried it, and thought that it sounded basically the same as the 535Q, sans the filtering knobs and whatnot.
I'd say if you end up going for a new wah, try out the Bad Horsie II and if you can the RMC Wizard Wah, it's supposed to have a massive sweep.
i'll definitely do that. I like the sounds of the RMC4, RMC5 and RMC6 (the latter especially), but I don't think RMC has actual dealers. I'll be sure to try out the Bad Horsie II though.
Yeah that's what sucks about RMC, you can't try before you buy. I was looking into the WW but it seems like a lot of cash to drop before trying it out before hand.
RMC does ship to actual dealers. Theres a list of all the shops they ship to on their website. But yeah if you're willing to pay up, you wont be disappointed with RMC (until like all wahs you crush it to a pulp >_> )