its awsome..i have it..id reccomend it. not on your amp, but its a great guitar for the price and it really does outplay some other higher priced guitars.
an amp you can reccomend? im lookin at the superchamp xd i havent bought it. people said good things about it and that it can play everything including some good metal sounds. plus you didnt have to buy like pedals etc. sugg on what is a better amp? since you actually hav the guitar.
it seems like it'll fit your style...
however, try it first...
it could look like a piece of heaven, later to find that it's from hell...

what's your budget for the amp... ?
to be honest my budget is kinda out there right now. i got like 2000 bucks saved but my parents dont wanna let me spend it..... so i got like a little less than 200 bucks in my wallet with my bday comin up in a little over a week. thats the reason im doin all this lookin around for amps and guitars etc.

EDIT: and even though im a guitar noob (about a year) i would never buy something without trying it. dont worry... UG has kinda drilled that into my head.