Well, I'm just getting into The Stone Roses (yes, i know they already broke up) and I'm just wondering what cd i should get to start off, because nobody i know really listens to the stone roses, and i'd like to get a recomendation from somebody that does, so if you could help me there, id appreciate it, my favorite song by them so far is Fools Gold, mostly because its one of the only songs ive heard, but i would still like some help with this!!!
Considering they only have 2 albums, I'd check both

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Considering they only have 2 albums, I'd check both

Ah, ok then, i'll do that, thanks!!
self titled is a classic.
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If you only get one, get the self-titled one. The Second Coming has enough good music on it for a cracking EP but as an album it's nowhere near as good as the self-titled.

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