Hey, so I finally made the switch from SS to tube. I was just wondering what I should do to keep my amp in the best shape. Pretty much the only thing I know is that when you first turn on the amp you shouldn't crank the amp. How long should I warm it up if I want to crank it to 7 or 8? Also, what else should I know about how to keep it in the best condition possible?
I let mine warm up for a minute. When I'm done I do that in reverse: turn it on standby for a minute then turn it off.
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My amp doesn't have a standby so I'm guessing I shouldn't worry about it too much?
Turn it on with the volume at 0 and leave it for a minute. Then turn it up to whatever level you like. Then just turn it back to 0 when your done. Nothing bad will happen if you fail to do this. It just makes the tubes last longer, which in turn, saves you money.
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