Lets say I wanted to get an itouch. How big would it need to be for a little over 4,000 songs, and pictures, and videos?

And you can take your zunes and stuff elsewhere.


Lets say the songs are roughly 5 minutes, and like 20 feature length films?

I dont know. I just wanna know theres enough room for all the songs, and quite a bit of room for the movies.
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What format and bitrate are your songs in? .wav's at 320kbps are going to take up a lot more room than .mp3's at 128kbps.
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What format and bitrate are your songs in? .wav's at 320kbps are going to take up a lot more room than .mp3's at 128kbps.

ACC, just like everything from apple.
well that's a stupid question, it totally depends on how big the song files are, and how big the movie files are and how many pictures and movies

i mean could you be more vague?
Get 16GB's. It should due you. Unless you want a mass of movies.
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if every song is converted to ACC and about 4mins. long in length u can cram about 250 songs per 1gig

u doo teh math i'm to stooped
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Don't get one.

Eh, they're pretty cool. Have some neat features like internet browsing, which imo is pretty darn fast compared to the iPhone.

I just don't like touchscreen stuff as they would probably get less sensitive over the years, but i haven't heard about any problems from my gf or brother yet.
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Jesus man, 20 feature films!!! I'm not even sure the 32 GB Ipod touch could hold that much along with music and pictures. I think you are out of luck.
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For the record, there's no such thing as an iTOuch.

It's a mother f*cking iPod Touch.

And why dont you jsut look at your library/everything you wanna put on there and see how much space it takes up. If its more than 32 gigs, no iPod touch for you.
I love my iPod touch. I have the 16gigs model, and it's enough for me.
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