ok so right now i'm playing a ****ty squier strat to a somehow even ****tier spider III. so taking the advice of some more experienced guitarists i'm going to save up for a amp first. but i'm thinking about getting a boss me-20 now so maybe i can get some better sounds for now. plus i was planning on getting one after getting a tube amp (probably a orange tiny terror). so anyways heres the question. will the me-20 work ok with my spider III since its a modelling amp??? and later will it sound good with a tube amp. BTW i play classic rock and bluesy stuff. if it helps i really like slash's lead tones and jimmy page like rhythms and thats the ultimate goal
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If you like those two guys' tones why even bother with another one of those modeling piece of brown.

All you need is a cranked tube amp, preferably a very simple one with only a clean channel that you turn all the way up (10-15 watts is more than enough to just prevent you from deafening).

Fender champs are good for that (the old ones, not the transistor-ridden ones). For now on it would really work for blues & rock if you use it with a strat, it can scream pretty well.

Then, you'll get yourself a chunky mahogany humbucker-strapped guitar with a heavy amp head full of crazy-ass overdrive leads and you'll make your mother wish she never given you the opportunity to have picked up guitar.
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The ME-20 won't work very well through the SPider, and whatever money you spend on it puts you further away from an amp.
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by getting the me-20 you could at least just use a pair of headphones which would probably sound far better than the spider.

assuming you're not jamming with anyone else, this should be a fine alternative to a terrible amp and a shrill speaker.
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I don't know what you would need an ME-20 for if you're only playing blues and classic rock. You could get a Blackheart Killer Ant setup for the price of an ME-20 practically. ME-20 through the Spider's clean channel will sound okay, but it's only a little bit better.