I've already asked about G&L guitar that would stand up to Fender American Standard

and one kind man tells me that G&L Legacy is the way to go
so i look em up.... and there are just S*IT load of "Legacies" to choose from

there is that Tribute Legacy (cheaper models b/c they r made overseas, the guy told me)... which im not really interested in cause I already own a Mexi Strat and Im looking for an American made strat now

and there is that Legacy Standard... which is more expensive than the Tribute (and some actually come with matching headstocks)
these are apparently made in USA too but by the price tag I don't think these are the Fender Am. Standard equivalents

and finally there is that "Legacy," which is probably what im looking for

well the thing is that whenever i see someone selling "Legacy" I can't tell whether it's that Standard one or the "Legacy" that im looking for (I can tell tributes cause they say "tribute" on the headstock)
all non-tribute Legacy headstocks say USA, but some say "guitars by Leo" under G&L logo and some don't

can someone clear me up here on how to distinguish between the cheaper Legacy Standard and the real Legacy???

oh and also, how does that "standard legacy" compared to Fender Am. Standard Strat?
yeah im like obsessed with comparing these to Am Standard but that's what i originally sought after and I wanna know more about these G&L guitars
As far as I know, G&L legacy's are comparable to MIA strats be it Standard or Deluxe.
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My Local guitar shop offers G&L and Fender, and I have always perferred Fender. But, I know at mine you can order a G&L to be made to your specifications (Color, Neck, Neck radius, pickups, bridge), but overall, I perfer an American Strat.
I didn't even look into the Deluxe line but there seems to be different kinds of "legacies"
(both are still made in USA, it seems)
even g&l official website has two different legacies: the 'Legacy' under guitar section
and the Legacy Standard under Fullerton section

Apparently the real Legacy that im talking about all come with G&L hardcase but those standards come with softcases too

and i've found that the Standard (apparently this includes the ones that come with matching headstocks) are cheaper than the regular line of Legacies

I guess this means that theres a distinctly cheaper Legacy and the more expensive Legacy

the questions are 1) how do i tell the difference and 2) how's this "standard legacies"?