So my ex- boyfriend Dennis decided to ignore me for about two weeks (this is while we were still dating) and he didn't answer his phone, reply to my voicemails, or reply to messages I sent him online. I was really confused because we seemed fine the last time we hung out, ya know? finally one day I ironically saw him at the mall and we talked for like 5 mins awkwardly and he then he said he just wanted to be friends

i was so pissed because he's 18 years old and he handled this so immaturly
can any one of you guys explain to me why he would do this? or why any of you might to a girl?

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I'm so, so sorry.

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Relationship thread?
Yeah go there and see if they care.

They probably won't.

You'll never get an answer you'll be satisfied with, so get over it and move on.
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