ive heard from alot of people that its pretty bad but most of them bought it online. is the xiphos actually a good guitar?
I personally love it, both the six and seven string versions, but you should probably go try it out yourself.

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Right when I touched a xiphos i fell in love.
The Neck Is Thin and flat and the action IMPO is 2nd to best for its price ranging.

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"Its real marshall metal"
I love the guitar! If I didn't have my heart set on and order an Epiphone Futura Prophecy I would have picked one up by now. I'll probably pick one up when i find a used one offered for a good price. You can never have too many guitars!
I have one and I love it. the only problem i have with it is that it is not easy to tune.
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I love mine. Great playing guitar
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