Having a problem with my 13 year old squire strat. Suprise, anyways, the volume cuts out randomly and I can fix it by moving or tapping the volume knob and it will work, then it will randomly cut out again. Ive taken it apart and looked at it and since I have minimal knowledge of the workings of an electric guitar, I couldn't see anything wrong with it. If anybody has had a similar problem and/or could provide some insight or advice on where to start, I would be much obliged. Thanks - Chad...
Sounds like your cable is shot. Try it with another cable.
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You need to replace the volume pot. they're not very expensive. If you can't do it yourself it will probally cost more to have it installed than the pot will cost you.
Its most definitely not the cable, I would recognize it immediately as I've experienced that problem before. But it very well could be the volume pot. Exactly where is the volume pot located. Is it the circular piece beneath the volume knob that the pickups are wired through?