So I was at a pawn shop today, and I bought an Epi LP Jr. For some reason, I thought I was buying a midrange Epi LP. I don't know why the single humbucker, the dot inlays, and the ****in "junior" on the headstock didn't tip me off, but for some reason I bought it anyways. So now I'm out $80, and I need to offload this thing and get my money back. I've got no chance on Ebay, they're going for as low as $30 there, and this one has some minor damage(missing volume knob and a few scratches on the back). I want to get $80 for it, no need to try to get higher. So my question is, where do I sell this POS?
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I had an Epiphone SG special. I parted it out on ebay. The body brought $60 the neck brought $30. Check you might get more by parting it out instead of selling it whole.
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Yeah, I don't really know what I was thinking. Oh and I wasn't planning on selling it here on UG, most people wouldn't make such a stupid mistake.
ouch, waste of money m8, another pawn shop will give you like 30 for it?
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I think I'll just put it on Craigslist and pretend I've had it for a while or something. Damn I feel stupid now
Never buy or sell a guitar to a pawn shop.
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Never buy or sell a guitar to a pawn shop.

There's nothing wrong with buying a pawn shop guitar. You just have to stay sharp, which unfortunately I didn't.
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Never buy or sell a guitar to a pawn shop.

Sometimes you can find a good deal at a pawn shop. I bought my Epiphone Goth Explorer at a pawn shop for $100 with a case. Alot of pawn shops don't know anything about guitars & they don't price them right.
Yeah, there's actually some sweet deals to be had at pawn shops, as long as you're careful and really know what you're looking for.