Ok, so I just got into recording covers, and I like doing an intro that kind of relates to said song. The song I'm doing now is called The Price of Freedom, if you're a gamer ora Final Fantasy 7 fan you'd recognize it From FFVII: Crisis Core. I've been looking ALL DAY today searching for a good War Ambient tracks to use as part of the intro. And I did find something athat said "Free Ambient sounds (I think something like that)" I anxiously got to the page only to realize you had to pay for said 'freebies' I was hoping maybe you guys had one or two tracks I could take a hear at , preferably one that focus's less on gun sounds and one that does have lots of gun sounds. Now I know what some of you may be thinking 'Why not just use the intro of One?' I will but I'll overlap it with the other two. Also, I'm hoping some of you might know good funeral songs (I've only been to one funeral in my life and no music was there.) preferably one I could learn from tabs here. Thanks for your help in advance guys.
"To Punish and Enslave...And do some Good when I feel like it."
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