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you have to be born with singing ablility
21 28%
you can practice and be good, like guitar, drums, etc.
54 72%
Voters: 75.
Does the pit think that vocals are something you're either goods at or not, or do you think you can get good by practicing? I think you can practise to be good.
But what do you think? Poll up soon

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Sure you can learn HOW to sing, but that doesn't make it sound good. I think its something you're born with, or something that develops.
Depends on what you mean by "good at"?
I wouldn't call Kurt Cobain good at singing, but he's still one of my favorite vocalists.
You have to work with what you've got.
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Its a bit of both, but then again it entirely depends what vocal style you're doing.

Completely agree, generally you have to be born with it, as I doubt your going to have proper lessons
I've always thought that it's pretty much something you're born with, but I know that there are various ways to improve your vocal abillity/range, so...It's kinda both.
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Your voice doesnt FULLY mature until your 35 or something like that, so its hard to tell, i do believe that practice you will become better and will be an Alright singer but i believe the greats are defently born with that skill.
It's the same with everything really, some people are born with natural talent and some people have to work there ass off to be decent at it. Everyone is naturally talented at some things, music could be one of those things. However, if it isn't, then yes you would need a lot of good solid practice.
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yes. only about 0.000001% of the population is tone deaf, so anyone can sing. it takes a certain amount of training for each individual, but like with any instrument, natural born ability is required a little bit as well.
Both. If the sound of your voice is just plain annoying and squeaky, there's not much you can do.
I definitly say practice. Anyone can learn to sing (I'm all the proof ya need) but its really all about how your voice tone is. Some have nice tone, some don't, but anyone can hit notes, its not that hard
It´s a little bit of both really i think.
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you can learn to sing like you can learn any other instrument, but it's harder to learn with a crappy 'instrument' than with the good one some are blessed with.
you can practice and be a pretty good singer, but i feel that being a great singer is partly something you are born with. im sure it has something to do with the structure of your vocal chords and such.

but i could be totally wrong.
I voted for the "Not born with it" option, but it goes along both lines. A guy with no talent in singing whatsoever could amaze the world by singing his own way with his own style if he puts emotion and hard work into it (IE: Cobain.) On the flipside, you could have a kid that'd be a regular Pavoratti but if he doesn't practice and shape his voice he's worthless.
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I say born.
Unless its Deathmetal.

lol that wouldn't take vocal talent so much as vocal strength.

i mean, lots of people can sing at low volumes, but it takes a bit of talent to project your voice.
Its both man. You just have to open your mind to the whole blanket of music and not the genres. theres no set way your supposed to sing. I sound a ridiculous amount to Billy Joel Idol. But I try and make it my own ya know? I get accused of copying though all the time : ( It sucks.
You can practice and become a good singer, but some voices will be good for some kinds of music and some will not. A bass will probably not be good for something like a classic rock band, as a tenor would be much better, but that bass will be good as a bass (obvious) in a choir, and the tenor (obviously) will not.

Edit: And I think that only people who actually do sing and know about singing should be answering these types of questions.

Another edit: Basically, Robert Plant is the only person who can sing like Robert Plant, but Robert Plant can only sing like Robert Plant. And Robert Plant can be replaced with ANYONE in that sentence.
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Depends on what you mean by "good at"?
I wouldn't call Kurt Cobain good at singing, but he's still one of my favorite vocalists.
You have to work with what you've got.

I think of a voice as a guitar. Some people are born with a good guitar and can play easier and sound better with less practice. Some are born with a ****ty guitar but with time they can work on it to make it sound good.
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Remember, you don't even have to be good at singing to be a good singer. Look at Billy Corgan

lol +1

a lot of times you don't have to be good, you just have to make your voice fit the style of music.
i think some people are born with it, but like almost everything in life, practise makes perfect, i used to have a horrible singing voice, and i rarely sang, but then one day i just decided to try and stretch my vocal cords a bit and see if it helped, im still not a fantastic singer now, but im getting much better, i can hold a tune now, and can sound at least half decent, whereas before i had no hope
Some people are just born with it... I cant sing, but i took lessons and now i can do backing vocals well enough
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