Hey dudes. We are back with another song.

This one is a take on more Thrash than our previous one (which is The Struggles of Man under the link I will give.) Hopefully you guys enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it!


Here are the lyrics for those of you who care to read

Please leave a thought or two, and I will make sure to do the same!

Temple of Sorrow

People's Minds
Infinite evil resides
Cleanse those who resist
Darkness is all but gone
Grapple those who forgot
Purest ways to know
Bring 'em back

Temple of sorrow
Dark light shines in
Windows not to be found
Malice sipping through
Temple of sorrow
Doors locked till dawn
Only to find
Dawn is no more

Finding a way out
Walls not to be found
Air is all but known
Wake up
Soul is still awake
Hope is all that's left
Tears come to eyes
Left for dead

The bells cast the shadows
upon the walls of the forgotten
here you lie senseless,
Speechless, friendless, restless
Try not to escape the prison
for which you rightfully reside in
let the pain kill you quickly
let your mind wander