So I'm looking for a PC to put in my room. Right now I use the family computer with 3 other people. It has XP 512 MB of RAM and 160 GB of hard drive space. I want to have it run faster so I can use things like Audacity, Photoshop, Guitar Pro, etc as well as hold all my pictures and music. I'm not worried about a monitor yet, I don't need a fancy monitor and one shouldn't be hard to come by. I've pretty much narrowed it down to these two:

Choice #1


-More Powerful.
-More memory.
-Comes with keyboard, mouse, and speakers.
-Has XP.


-More expensive.

Choice #2




-Only comes with tower.
-I'd want to put XP on it and I'm not familiar with doing that.
-Not in stores.

Looking at this list I will most likely go with the first...But I could always use UGs second opinion.
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