Is it and if so how hard to coil tap a Yamaha Pacifica 112J. I would be really interested in getting that single coil strat bridge sound (as the 112J is a SSH configuration) and never use position 4 (I think humbucker+middle at the moment). So obviously I would be interested in changing position 4 into a single coil humbucker coil tapped thingy. I still though what the humbucker and I am not particularly interested in another switch or anything.
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if the humbucker uses 4 conductor wiring, you should be able to do it without too much both (assuming you can solder). that'd be the first thing to check.

also, you could maybe put in a push-pull pot for the tone, which would leave you all your current sounds, and then pull on the tone to access the bridge humbucker split, and in position 4 it would split the bridge humbucker when combined with the middle single coil (which sounds quite cool, a little like a strat).
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