Hey, i've been playing guitar for 1 1/2 years and I'm elarning everything I need except for one thing. Which knobs to what on an amp. I was wondering what knobs do what on my amp? I want to perfect my sound as much as I can. I have the new Line 6 Spider II 212 amplifer. If someone could help. That would be great. Thanks
well. if you want a nice metal sound you can turn your mids to about 5, bass to about 7-8 and high to about 7-8.. you get the general idea. but if im playing a lot of lead i like to crank my mids so it doesn't sound so twangy.
just play around with things you'll find something you like eventually didn't your amp come with some pre-settings or something?
Yeah, alot..It has like song pre-sets and stuff..its a very unique and nice amp. Yeah I'm gunna fool around with it tomorrow, too late tonight, I would wake my parents up! Lmao