I really need help. Honestly
I played the guitar for 1 year and I progressed with slowly as in SUCK, I am starting to learn the basic strum patterns, but I have a question on the 16th beat strumming pattern. When you strum you know how you have to mute it down up down up? and there is an accent. I am curious how do you use this 16th beat strumming pattern? for christian songs? and other songs? Also do you need to mute while you strum and accent always? and do you have to only strum down up down up? Please help me I am really in need help. Thank you.
So what is the time signature? 16 beats can be in 2/2, 2/4 or whatever.
sorry I don't know what you mean. lol I really suck >.< but I am curious if you always have to strum down up down up with accents and mutes.