Would it seem rude at all to go into a guitar store, try out some guitars and then...

leave? Cause I was thinking about checking some guitars at a local guitar store, then, when I found one I liked, I would buy it from Musician's Friend monthly. Would that be rude?
No. You're not obligated to buy anything.
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Dude, I had a friend who did that once, he died. Just kidding, you should be alright.
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Haha people do that every day.
The people in there don't always leave with a guitar.
Of course you should try the stuff out before you buy it.
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It might seem rude, but they won't do anything about it. As long as you don't bother the employees or customers, it shouldn't be a problem. People do it all the time.
they don't give a **** about in store anyways. go for it. i remember this story about this dude in gc and had just bought a flying v and the store was about to close so he carried his guitar out with him and hit the neck on the top of the door and broke it in half. no revelence i just thought i'd share this story
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Yes, I'm sure the guys at Guitar Center are going to cry themselves to sleep when they learn that you played an instrument at their store without the intent to purchase it from them. Angry mobs are going to form in throngs outside of your house and God will rain flaming plectrums upon your village. There will be wanted posters everywhere offering rewards for your corpse and our parents will disown you for your sacrilege.
You do realize that some stores will sell stuff at about the same price as Musicians Friend, right?
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i am planning on doing that tomorrow... if you just wanna play for teh lulz no one should give you siht
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Not at all, they expect you to try the guitars out before you buy them, if you find them not to your liking then don't buy. If you go there TO play guitar...thats another story...
no one in the stores will care.
if they dont let you try stuff they know you wont buy, therefore you can try stuff and just act like your not interestedeven if you had no intent of buying in the first place.
i go to GC just to mess around all the time.

however i buy stuff occasionally, as in last time i went. they had the guitar i was interested in at the time, i picked it up with the intentions of just playing.
but i ended up buying
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No. Dont worry about hurting the stores feeling or something, lol. The stores purpose is try and suck money out of you. Dont feel guilty. Your using it but its trying to use you as well.
i always go to like my local guitar stores and try out guitars like one time i went to our music pro here and tried out like a firebird and other guitars and i also went to the gilbert's here and tried out some strats but mostly music pro cuz they have a bigger inventory but yeah they don rly care cuz even a potential buyer could spend money there