I've been looking at these two head's and have been listening to clips and based on what I enjoy playing I've narrowed it to these two. I need help making the decision, I really like the two fully adjustable channels on the ad30 but I usually only use a clean channel and run my tube screamer through when I need overdrive so the rocker 30 might work and I can get it for $900 brand new. What do I get? the rocker 30 would work but I like the AD30 more, would I be regreting not getting the AD30?
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rocker 30

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not very heavy at all, classic rock is like the heaviest usually.
Stop failing, and things will work out.
Aye, if you need more cleans and milder overdrive tones, then the AD30 is the one that you're after. You buy the Rocker 30 if you want a thick crunch. Not to say it has bad cleans and overdrive, but it's all about that crunch.
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Well I have a Rocker 30. I play classic rock and blues only. Basically the Rocker 30 is a great choice for Marshall type tones. It's basically a Plexi on steroids, with a fatter OD. It's great for classic Marshall overdrive tones. The AD30 is also very good though.
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