alot of ppl on this forums say that the rr3 is better then the xiphos but if im going to change the tremolo on the xiphos to a floyd rose original or floyd rose pro (which ever one fits) how would the rr3 be better? and if i do the same to the rr3 (change to a FRO or FRP) wouldnt the xiphos be better cause its got a neck thru body and it has 24 frets (and im changing the pickups on both of them anyways)?
I haven't played a rr3 but I can say the Xiphos is not good.
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I didn't like the upper fret access on the RR3, but i do know that Lic jackson trem's are of pretty high quality...
hey man ive played a few different rr3s in guitar center and what not and there bolted guitars made in japan so really its not that best thing to get unless you find one that you love and its your thing but i would suggest saving for an rr1 because its all real and i love mine alot
^offcourse it isnt as good as a RR1. An RR1 is more than 3 times the price of an RR3.

ot: If you are keen on necktrhu's, go for the xiphos and swap out the trem.
In all other cases: RR3
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well ive played both, the xiphos more b/c i owned it for a while, but its kinda hard to compare them. the jackson has almost a "pointed" neck thats more jazzy while the xiphos is a metal based thin-neck. as for the p-ups, stock both guitar come w/ good p-ups. and as for the trem, its hard to say because ud have to own it long enough to know which is best as in durabilty and holding tune

hope i could help
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