Aghast European Guests

clowns on every street corner
selling balloons for their fair price,
fire hydrants all going off
at the same time,
kids dressed up as cowboys and indians
and cops and robbers
with real guns
and arrows,
cops laughing and shrugging off
kids breaking windows

grandparents no-where to be found
having had run off,
the national anthem
being played through loudspeakers
in every town,
the lights sometimes flicker to the beat
of whatever the guy at the powerstation's
got on

old poker pros setting up shop
in the street
and taunting kids
for their first
games and dollars
to see

shoes strung up by their laces
on every powerline there is,
the most dangerous job imaginable
is manning a cash-machine,
you can’t trust the priests wherever you go –
they change collars,
if you own a car,
especially in the city,
it will be likely
it will be burned out at some point
they wont call

and selling your body isn’t so bad
and any money is a lot of money
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