Whats the best 2x12 (ss or tube) for Pop-Rock, Punk-Rock, or Rock music? (All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Paramore, Just Surrender, Fall Out Boy, etc.)

Budget = up to $600

I'm gigging so i need at least 100 watts, my 60w tube isn't even loud enough for the venue i'm playing at because of the crappy p.a. system, so I need 100 watts.

So which combo? 2x12.
most of those bands use Mesas
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yeeeeah bro, you dont need anymore that 60w tube, reguardless of the PA system. if it is a crappy PA system, 100 wats wont make it any better. its obviously the venue's system rite? just crank the amp to 10. then maybe add a volume pedal or something like it. its no use spening the money on a new 100w amp that will only benefit that one venue
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Quote by nick54321
my 60w tube isn't even loud enough for the venue i'm playing at, so I need 100 watts.

there isn't even a differnce in the 2 except a little more head room...
but umm, a used b-52 at212 or some mesa, f-50??
If a 60w tube amp is not good enough for you, then you're going to need a half-stack. Either that or your amp is not a tube amp and you don't know what you're talking about, I'm not saying that, I'm just speculating. A lot of times Aug 08ers don't have a clue.

You're going to need a higher budget. A 212 is not going to be loud enough.
The majority of those bands use Mesas (specifically, Dual Rectos) as everyone's saying, but there's no where you can get those for your price range...

If you need recto-ish tone on a budget, B-52. Watch the reliability on those, though.
i already checked all the local stores around here. they dont have used f-50s. that was my first choice. and i heard the b-52 212 is discontinued and they have a lot of problems so i dont really want that either.
Soooo.... what amp are you using right now? And HOW big a venue are you playing?

EDIT: I'm sorry if that makes me sound like an a$$, but 60watts of tube not cutting it (literally) just doesn't seem realistic. Unless he doesn't know how to EQ.
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You're going to need a higher budget. A 212 is not going to be loud enough.[/QUOTE"]

Im pretty sure you can be just as loud with a 212 as you can with a 412. Just different sound.
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