well, i have been playing guitar for about 10 days now. I can play the first 2 verses of Heartbreaker by Led Zeppling, first verse of Stairway to heaven, indiana jones theme ( only about until half way), a few christmas carols, know the D, E, F, C, A, and some minor chords. Since I have been getting into guitar, and my dad happens to be a guitarist, but old skool, we went to the guitar shop and bought a Ibanez GIO, since the guitar he originally had is very old, and gets out of tune very easy. the guitar i have is solid electric.

Now I dont plan on having a teacher, for purposes i wish to disclose as this will turn into a thread trying to prove me wrong (just dont go there)

So, i was wondering what to do now? Learn a few more songs, practice guitar by ear (i got indiana jones theme by doing that)

Also, don't please dont tell me to learn guitar theory either. I will learn it when i pick more experience, and it is really not a fun thing to learn because it consists more of book then actually playing. (Don't tell me to learn that either, i will just ignore that post). So, post away guys, im all ears. (with some exceptions)
If you're not open to the many things you can do on the guitar, your progress will be slow. That's all I'm going to say.

And also, yeah. My teacher is telling me to learn songs by ear and practice slow. I'm doing that as I write.
hey,dude you gotta learn a bit of theory just to get to "understand" and learn alot faster.It will seriously help just like learn basic chords,simple solos nad one more thing dont learn a song and stop like halfway through the way if your learnign a song stick with it until you get it perfect then move to the next.You have to be a little bit more open to the not so fun part of learning the guitar cause seriously once you get passed it and find out you can do all these amazing things its definitely worth it.
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Well, the things I was going to advise you to do are the things you said not to bring up, so I guess keep doing what you're doing.