thanks for the crit!

The riff you got goin is SICK man, the harmonized lick at around :30.

I have a suggestion for a recording improvement perhaps. Sometimes in your song, i feel like when you have just the rythem panned up the middle it doesn't sound very full. What i found to be a good technique to get a more full sound is record the rythem guitar 2 seperate times, and pan one to each ear. It makes sense if you think about it, cuz its like you have 2 ears ya know? so you should record it for each ear and not just one haha.

sick song though, i loved all the riffs and cleaner parts. nice synth at the end too.
Nice! I like harmony, so this is awesome. Guitar tone is sick too.
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Thanks guys!

Your right shredder. But I think the song was made too be that way. I have one rhythm guitar playing the main riff. Then I have another guitar that comes in ontop of that with a harmony slightly higher on the neck. Then I have 2 guitars panned 80% in either direction playing dual harmonies on that for the end.

You have to turn this song up. So the middle sounds loud enough. THEN it will sound right. Atleast I just mixxed it to be played like that.
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you can also copy the rhythm track and move it forward like 30 mili seconds and pan left n right......thickens it up a good deal......not quite like a chorus cuz that manipulates the sound a little
or backwards either way......and thanks goes to volta91 he's the one who taught me that neat trick
Not really... It was more of a joint project. :P

Since I'm the first to ever play it. I'd say it was an original.

Glad you liked it
I agree with Djevik its an original, And its awesome to hear it played thank you Djevik your skill is great, its also nice to see that others enjoy it too.
Maybe because I ran out of ideas lol
I wrote this song as the second track on an album i'm working on and at the end the guitars fade over to the next track.
Thanks for the crit bestofthebox

Yeah, your right. The drums are a little low.