It's her 20th, and we went out for Sushi and shopping at a mall a few towns over where we live. She got her ears pierced for this special occasion! We spent the whole day just having fun. How was your 8/8/08?


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Holy Moses.
I woke up at like, 12.

then i chatted **** to people online for 6 hours, went out and got drunk, then went to sleep.
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On cheating in a relationship...

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If he doesn't use a gameshark, it's not cheating.

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Did you have birthday sex?


and if so pics or it didnt happen
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Yep, it's Soviet UG versus bdfs05.

good luck.

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fuck yea i got sigged

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When you're in the Pit, substitute any valid, reasonable answer with one of the following: fap, smoke pot, drink alcohol, rape, and/or murder.
give her rape as a present!

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we'd sit in the basement and i'd do a little "I'll show u mine if you show me yours" so i had 3 baby vaginas staring at me

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i went and jammed with a drummer... then i jammed with the bassist from my band... then i jammed with another drummer... then i re-arranged my whole room which took many hours

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Band practice, soccer match (which we won), watched the Olympic opening ceremoney, and fell asleep.
****ing sucked. Was supposed to see Nine Inch Nails, but my show got postponed until November 9.
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