I made a lot of effects after the solo, let me know if you think they work, or if its too much.
Other then that just lemme know if you notice anything here or there.

Oh, and if you don't mind, i would love if you could leave me a comment about the demo under it, "Driving Force". id like to hear any ideas before we record that full song.

c4c of coarse
Great recording quality

drums a little quiet

could use some ambient guitar leads here and there, like a slide guitar that would be awesome

during solo turn up the rhythm track

during the effects part I would only give the guitar lead an effect and leave the rhythm alone

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Freedome: the begginning is really Funky and then it goes into a really great riff, this song made me dance, the drums a by far too quite, makem louder, the rest is really cool though, vocals would make this song awesome. the solo is really good and the effects suit it well.

I like driving force demo aswell it sounds cool, needs vocals.

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nice intro! very eerie...i feel like i'm in an underwater prison cell. the guitar was very cool, but the bass line was a bit boring. the drums could come up quite a bit in the mix. you have some timing issues, but nothing major. the bass slides are very cool sounding. vocals would really improve this..it gets a bit repetive by itself.

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Crit as I listen. I like the effects on the guitar..Ooo slides into clean. Maybe treble up that guitar a little more, seems flat. It has a nice groove to it. I feel sometimes the drums are a bit too far back. Solo, whoa way in front, though pretty good. A little out of time. K, the volume the rhythm guitar is at during the tapping needs to be the levels during the solo. Pretty good song overall. Nice job!

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