So I've been waiting to see real pictures of these basses and finally theperfectbass.com got two of them in.

They look great IMO, now I want to play one
agreed. though I wish the 50's p-basses came in more than that blue. what about a red and a white?
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There's a Classic Vibe Telecaster (Yes, not a bass) at one of the music stores round here, I didn't get a chance to play it, but it looked VERY nice. They got it on a month or two ago.


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Try one. Unlike the Squires of a few yours back the new ones have their quality level on par with the best guitars in that price range, so now they offer the oppertunity to both offend the Squire bashers AND at the same time play a good sounding, fine handling and reasonably well finished bass guitar.
they look realll nice
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The Jazz is definitely on my wish list. And also the Duo Sonic guitar. Gold
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nice, post the 60's precision if it appears
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that jazz looks so great, i bet that bridge is awesome!!
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