Just a fun little rock song.

It's a very long time in the making, but that's just because I'm a lazy bastard, not because it's that good or anything. I just wanted to finish at least ONE of my songs for this contest deadline thing on some other site (I don't think I'm actually going to do it now, so whatever). It's not perfected at all or anything (especially with the layering of midi, which sounds like crap), but now I hit writers block. So yeah, hope you like it.

And please don't just import it to GP. It doesn't do the repeats correctly and generally sounds like crap. I'll also C4C, of course
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That was awesome. I really loved the melodies in it. The chorus was absolutely amazing. The last guitar solo was nuts, that sweeping section took me by surprise. I basically have no complaints at all. That was a really good song that was very well written.

Oh. And it's awesome seeing a fellow powertab user! Most people have converted to Guitar Pro (which I hate, personally). So cheers to that.

If you have a chance, could you crit mine? Also a powertab. :-D

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