wut do you think of bachata? its like a spanish guitar playing style often on the electric guitar with chorus effect and its big in puerto rico and dominican republic soo i just want 2 kno wut people think about it.
Si yo soy de PR y me gusta mucho. Pero a la mayoria de la gente aqui no le gusta.
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im dominican and of course i love it. i play the bass and guitar for bachata. the guitar is melody driven and the bass is a simple 1 1 3 5 beat
Bachata rocks and so does every other rmusic . I personally like it and I'm in the process of gettin the yamaha apxfm to play segunda lol
I'm not quite sure what you mean...but playing the acoustic spanish style is extremely cool...I can't do it.
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I was raised on Bachata, I love it but when it comes to that music I listen mostly to the bass for some reason.
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it's alright, i personally don't like too many effects
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