what kind of guitars will give me this kind of sound? i can't seem to find any
What exactly do you mean by warm soft sound?

Les pauls have a warm tone, but i think semi hollows are soft.
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A LP with a pair of SD Blackouts ?
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I prefer barbed wire strings. I find I can get the most br00t41 tonez with it.
Strats good a nice warm tone, or mine does anyway, on the neck pick up and the les paul does.
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i know its kinda weird. i don't play metal. I don;t want it to be fierce sounding.
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What exactly do you mean by warm soft sound?

Les pauls have a warm tone, but i think semi hollows are soft.

im pretty new to guitars, do you mean gibson or epiphone or something else
usually with any halfway decent guitar you can get a warm soft sound by rolling the tone and/or volume pots back.

i think PRS guitars sound really soft and warm - just listen to some Carlos Santana.
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I'd say an Epiphone Dot would give you what you're looking for if you're on a budget.
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A LP with a pair of SD Blackouts ?


Any mahogany bodied guitar with low/medium output pickups.
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Strats on the neck pickup give a nice warm tone with the knob down. Les Paul gives an overall warm tone.

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you need an Epiphone Sheraton 2.

a DOT 355 may be similar for less cash, but dont quote me!
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