I wasnt sure if I should post this in the pit or another forum or if there was a thread that deals with this, but anyway...

Last weekend I went to the Splendour in the Grass music festival (in Australia for those of you who dont know). It was awesome... apart from the end where I got kicked out for stealing (which I really was framed for), but hey I was leaving at the time anyway. Point is, I contracted what the Local Doctors are calling the "Splendour Virus" (Imaginative, I know) and its laid me out since Tuesday morning. I havnt been able to even pick up my Les Paul for fear of it crushing my weary, frail body, an ofcourse for fear of dropping it. So what do you do when you get a virus or cold to practice or just stay sharp? A week is just too long not to practice
What do you do, Pit? what do you do???
Use the power of your mind.

Lie down and close your eyes. Do that calming thing where you feel parts of your body becoming warm. Imagine the you picking up the guitar in your mind's eye. Really focus on the guitar in your head and envision yourself playing it. Make sure it feels real. Make sure you can "feel" and "see" the fretboard. Then just practice whatever you know (or maybe even some new tabs), but do it perfectly. If you do it perfectly, you won't create that path in your mind where you screw it up.

This way, when you pick up your guitar, your mind can only go down that path where you played that song perfectly in your head, and it doesn't have a "screw up path" to follow.

If you do it right, it's just like regular practice, except that you can't screw up and it makes you better without actually touching the guitar.

Also, what stuff were you framed for stealing?
can you fap? then do that
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pick up an acoustif for now, they are much lighter :P i find les pauls to be heavy and you can always play sitting on your bed no?
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Kill yourself. The zombie infection has started.

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If you have an acoustic just lay in bed with you're knee up and rest it there, you can play, and sleep at the same time, problem solved!
Lay down with something holding your back up?
It's not that hard.
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Ummmm...don't be a bitch and just play.
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