Ok lately Ive Been Looking Into A halfstack.
I am selling both of my combos to friends to a very good price torwards me
($300 for the 212 and $150 for the 112)
Untill then i have only $300 on me.
My plan is through Musicians friends 45/45 return policy im going to first buy a good amp cabinet and then once i get enough for heads try out the heads i am looking into via musicians friends policy.

Does anyone know anything that will stop me from doing this?
oh god

1) you need a head AND a cab to make music
2) (going off your sig) for an $800 budget, you get a POS halfstack
3) for an $800 budget, you get a nice combo
4) the aforementioned combo will be all tube, and will sound better and louder than an $800 halfstack because it will invariably be solid state.....or a valveking

playing styles?
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.