i've got an eden cab from the late 70's and the speakers are just now going bad. i was wondering what kind of speakers would be good to replace them with. anything in the $50-$125 range?
Hell, if I had an Eden cab I'd look into getting it repaired as opposed to replacing it. $50-$125 won't get you very far in the way of new speakers though. Also, letting us know what head you use will help. No point recommending a 100 watt 8 ohm cab if you're running a 500 watt beast through it.
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I would suggest getting it repaired. Eden are meant to be very good.
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cant repair the busted speaker. it's completely shot. i'm using an old late 70's - early 80's carvin super lead bass head at 8ohms with a sw 15 sub and the eden 4x10 cab.
call up eden and ask them for replacement?
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