I'm starting in this learning songs by ear thing and for those out there who use the same method, do you find it hard to remember the way you play a certain song? Is it advisable to transcribe to paper anything relevant or playing by memory is enough?

I like to transcribe it on paper just in case I forget what I played, always good to have a solid evidence of what you just played (dont want all that ear listening effort to go to nothing!)
put it on paper... even if its just in short hand, something to remind you is always good. I hate it when I go to playy a song i learnt like a month ago and then i cant remeber it properly.
I always remember it, too lazy to write it down.
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Thanks for the responses so far. Do you guys transcribe every single note to the paper?
Hey congrats on learning songs by ear. Its a very valuable skill and is really going to pay off. You should definitely write it down since it makes analyzing songs alot easier. If you can write it down in musical notation that is better then tab since you have to write out a sense of length for each note but tab is fine too.
I used to write scipts down when I made some riffs or progressions so I'd remember. Got a second notebook started already.

When I looked through my works a lot of 'em didn't make sense. I have the notes and chords written down but no tempo nor rhyme nor reasons. Just a bunch of scribbles.

That didn't work too well.
If I come up with something cool (not too often since I'm still a newb), I lazily get out my webcam, record my left hand playing whatever it is, and then save it.

much easier than writing numbers on a piece of paper

paper is obsolete, as are books
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write it down there are so many recordings i have that i forgot how t play becuase i didnt write it down, DONT LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!!!!!!11111
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