I love you UG. ;P

Anyway! I finally just got my first 7string [sc607] and I wanna get my Unearth and All Shall Perish on.

I got a vader cab, but I need to know.. for a head should I get the Bugera 6260 or 6262? Which would be better for unearth/all shall perish? I'll also buy a maxon 808 just because I've only heard good things.

ALSO!! which tubes should I replace the stock bugera ones with? I love links btw.

Go try them out... I think you'll find that the 333 will actually be what your after. Using a maxon will definately help you out tone wise . Email the dude over at eurotubes and tell him the amp and what your hoping to get out of it and he'll recommend you something. Probably just be JJax7's *high gain* and JJ6l6's but they're awesome!
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sadly I can't try anything out there's no music stores anwhere close to where I live. i'll check out eurotubes riight now