a stereotype of men seems to be that we like drinking vats of beer. i dont like the taste of beer and was wondering if i am the only male in this predicament.
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No i hate beer.

I drink spirits when i want alcohol.
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nah ur not.
me and my brother don't like it neither.
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Actually no. Beer only tastes good to me when I'm already drunk.

I prefer liquor.
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I like beer in small doses.

Yay... Who cares? there's a beer thread.
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I personally don't like it either.

I can drink it if it's regular and not light, but only a little at a time otherwise i'll feel like puking.

i prefer liquor

EDIT: Heineken is the only one that will not make me sick
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Beer tastes awful. At first.

Give it a few cans/bottles, you'll get used to it
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No dude, beer is ****ing disgusting.

People call me a pussy for not liking it, but I'll put most liquor away like it's nothing.

I downed a whole fifth of Goldschlager one night and didn't die. Haha.
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