I find blue and black together very attractive. I've been trying to find some guitars with a blue finish and an ebony fretboard on google and only found the jackson SL2HT Soloist. Does anyone know of any models that fit this description?

I think you can get a Schecter 006 with that finish. Not sure though.
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Bc rich bich comes in transparent blue.... And I'm yet to find a neck or fretboard that I prefer.
get a guitar you really like with an ebony fretboard and just pay to get the guitar airbrushed in the colour/style you want.
^^^^That would cost $200+ more, depending on where you get it. Unless you know a guy who knows a guy....

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I think you can get a Schecter 006 with that finish. Not sure though.

It's an Omen. And that has rosewood.
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I saw a sweet SG '61 in that combination, but it had a rosewood fretboard. Black pick guard tough.
Probably a showcase edition.
schecter exotic star in caymen blue...
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You could get something wtih a bolt on neck(like a strat) in the finish you want, and then get the new neck from warmoth