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So, what age did you start shaving?

For me I started just a little bit after I turned 14, what age did you start shaving? And where were you shaving, if you want to include anything other than face.
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I started shaving with the searchbar.

Gives you that clean feel.
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Err I hate to admit it but I haven't yet.

It's odd, I got the ultra harry body genes mixed with the inability to grow a beard genes.
I shave, but there isn't much to shave. Saying that if I could grow a proper beard it would look better than what I got at the moment.
Shave? Why?

Being only 15, I unfortunately find myself incapable of growing an epic beard for the lulz.


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Uhh when I was around 13. I'm really really hairy, but in my pictures im shaven clean. I'm practically the only 11th Grader in school who can grow a full beard. As well as the 10th, 9th and 8th grade.

I had a full beard in 8th grade.
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isnt there a law against not shaving? thats somewere in our constitution. i think it goes something like a girl maybe be a freak in the sheets but no be wild down stairs is treason and for that she will be beheaded.-good old Benjamin F.

I started when I was 12. I began to look like a homeless midget.
Now I shave all the hair that grows on me that isn't on my head, arms, or legs.
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I started shaving my head when I was 15, and face when I was 18.
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i started shaving when i was around 11-12

holy ****

im 15.... just starting now
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Shave? Why?

Being only 15, I unfortunately find myself incapable of growing an epic beard for the lulz.

You gotta shave a bit to make it grow, actually. First you just have some wispy hairs, then after shaving 2-3 times, you get stubble, and if you leave that to grow, you'll grow a beard.
around 15 I think...I still can't grow a full lumberjack beard
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bout 14 or so now 17 i get gnarly chops a wolverine coat on the neck but not much of a gnarly mo
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about when i was 13.. then i only had to do it once a month... and now im doing it once every two days... i hate being hairy
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Like 17, not too long ago really.

I have to do it every other day now and it annoys me. I get pretty bad shaving rash as well.

Anyone know of anything to get rid of it ?
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when i was 13, I had to shave daily, I have always been hairy
Around 13, 14. I remember I was in a cadet thingy, and were using camouflaged face paint, and it came off better if you shaved it. Shouldn't have done that, my face is covered in stubble
12-13 maybe, but its still pretty nasty excluding the sideburns so i shave it almost everyday... (thats why it looks so clean in my profile pic)
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23? am i a bit late??
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I started shaving when I was 16. Where pronstars shave, still don't shave anywhere else.
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I first tried it when I was thirteen, but I started shaving regularly when I was about fourteen and a half, and I'm nearly sixteen now. But I'm thinking of not shaving until November, when I'm seeing Opeth, as an Akerfelt tribute 'tache.
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15 or so. Not that I could grow a full beard it would be ridiculously patchy I could grow a stache and a little goatee thing. (I'm 17)

It's really odd, I'm like...really hairy from the chest down, but don't get facial hair...


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15. Everybody was laughing at my 'stache. I had to do something.
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12/13. I'm 16 now and can get a face full of hair. I haven't shaved in 2 weeks so I may put pics up for the Pit to judge later.
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i started shaving when i was around 11-12

Same here and it sucked because everyone makes fun of you for it. But at the end of the day, they were still all children and we were men.
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You gotta shave a bit to make it grow, actually. First you just have some wispy hairs, then after shaving 2-3 times, you get stubble, and if you leave that to grow, you'll grow a beard.

I shall follow your advice then, my good sir!
I started shaving the ****ty little bum fluff you get on your chin at 12.
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i was like 13. i had a mustache at the age of 12 though.
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i dont remember. maybe 14 or 15. i never could really grow very good facial hair. it still takes a while for it to grow. i dont shave very often. i usually just trim it to keep it neat since i dont like being clean shaven anyway.
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