ive been asked by my school music teacher to begin teaching others to play bass guitar.

i have two kids to teach, and one is allready able to play quite well, and the other has barely touched onto the instrument.

i just wanna ask around what you guys did/were taught when you started playing bass.

i never had lessons myslef, i learnt how to play from tabs and whatever.

i started bass lessons this year however, and have learnt much theory.

im a proficient bassist, being able to proffciently slap, tap and finger. if you wanna know how i can play, the fastest finger song i can play is "YYZ" by rush, and the best slap song is "mr. pink (live)" by level 42

so yeh, just asking for general ideas as what to start teaching to beginners/intermediates
I'm self taught and i've been playing for a year. If i were you i'd start teaching the more decent kid simple scales, cos it took me a long time to realise jst how cruicial they are...(yeah i know...i'm stupid). And teach the slower 1 more simple songs and technique. Just try and switch it around, cos when i found something i couldnt do, it made me annoyed. Keep them entertained and you'll b fine.
Start by teaching the less accomplished kid how to pluck the strings (not picking or using a thumb as people often do when they start), the notes on the fretboard, then the role of bass in music, then scales, and a few simple songs.
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