I'm bored and just curious.

I'm sure this has been done before but I'm not searching.
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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.

you know the funny thing is, I was gonna ask if there were any guitarists from British Columbia (same time zone.) that were on right now, but why and the hell would they be up at four in the morning? What and the hell are you doing up at four in the morning?!
Me, I've been up all night writing music and recording my music onto my stereo tape deck and now im trying to write a rhythm part to a solo I made and its pretty impossible for me to do it with out a living coherent human being with a guitar in there hands to jam it out.
I can See clearly now the rain is gone...bum bum...bum bum...I can see allthe obstacles in my way! I think I;ll make it now the pain is gone, its gonna be a bright, bright, bright bright sun shiney day!
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I hate Swedes.
Well Joaz, you are truly worthy of world domination, join me my friend and we shall rule and land governed by hired guns, where sworn assassins aim for the abdomen, and we will slake our thirsts with the blood of millions!