This is my new bands first song

Two decades of insanity
A craze within my mind
A scene that has dissolved
But left lyrics to remind

Guitars and punk rock legends
Fall on deaf ears, blind eyes
But we are here to show you
To uphold those broken lives

Were fighting for a country
Were living with a soul
Uniting under one banner
As punks we take our role

And now you raise your fist
You hold it till you learn
Feel the heat that rushes in your blood
Its no concern
Cause we are punk rock soldiers
Through good times and through bad
And together we will rock again
To remember what they had

Today it is the empathy
Tonight we live the dream
Tomorrow is to far away
To plan for the riot scene

We live each day like its the last
We thunder through the storm
Pounding hearts like drums and base
Its where punk was born

Politics and democrats
We cant be arsed in truth
Were free and were alive
And defiant in our youth

Chorus 2
And now you raise your heads
You watch us till you learn
Feel the punk that flows within your veins
And let it burn
We have come here today
And were absolutely mad
But together we unite once more
To remember what they had