e are a "yet to be named" punk rock band from new england looking for a drummer and a lead guitarist.

We are currently just guitar/vocals and bass but are looking to make this a 4 piece band.

Brief description:

We are a politically charged punk/rock band, in the vein of bands like boysetsfire, anti-flag, rise against, the unseen, bad religion, and we're getting into some post-hardcore bands like thursday. We believe in attacking apathy in our nation rather than pinpoint our problems on other people for blame. This country is of the people, for the people, by the people and will remain this way for as long as we can survive, but it is those who do not feel it is their place or their duty to stand up for what they believe in and against the injustices in the world around us, that are hindering that freedom everyday.

We both have professional ambitions, experience, gear, and attitude. We are looking for people with these same traits. We are hoping to complete the line up by the fall and to practice and start recording by winter, play out by spring in support of our record.

We have a lot of innovative ideas and concepts for this band especially in the wake of the death of the record industry as we once knew it. We feel we need to adapt and not keep trying the old practices as they will no longer be relevant or useful.

We both live up in nh. I live in manchester, while our bassist lives up in franklin nh. we currently do not have a practice space and are waiting to get a full line up together before we invest in renting one. So if you have a practice space that is very beneficial, but we do have a few contacts to get something temporary for auditions if need be.

We are both in our early 20's and are looking for someone in the 18-28 age range. We both are under the understanding that in this current state of music, image is very important, so please look the part. we don't need a clone though, so don't be one.

if interested please email me at andrewcx@gmail.com or message me at myspace.com/andrewcx13


Andrew X
why do you need a lead guitar with punk rock? xD
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