Is there a such a thing - I'll do my best to explain - like a volume pedal with two effects loops - like, for example, you plug an Octavia into one and TS into the other and then use the pedal to smoothly shift between these two effects - like when it's in the toe position, it's only one effect, when it's in the heel position, it's only the second, and all the positions in between alter the volume balance between the effects?
Hmm, not sure if this exists. But I swear, you will make millions if you develop one!
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Well, I mean, I can possibly makes such a construction - but it'll have to have 2 volume pedals and one inversed and I just don't want too much stuff on my pedalboard (which I don't have yet)
Not really - plus some pedals "slow" the signal, so if you do that, you may notice one effect occuring after the other.
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You can certainly do this. Get a stereo volume pedal and a signal splitter.
Maybe you could use an Ernie Ball Stereo/Pan pedal to pan the signal between the two effects. Then mix the two signals together after the pedals. Or split the signal before the pedals and use the pan pedal to pan betwen them afterwards.
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That'll only blend the effect into the dry signal. Not blend two effects together.
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Well, I'm going to have to tell you all my dreamrig secrets - I plan on using some switching system, like Bob Bradshaws, and stick this blending thing into one of the loops, like this: switcher loop send->Effect 1->Morley FX Blend->Morley send->Effect 2->Return->switcher loop return
That'll allow you to blend effect 2 with effect 1, or use just effect 1. You'll not be able to use effect 2 by itself.
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Nope, from the description -
varies from Dry (toe-up, no effect) - that'll be effect 1 for me - to Wet (toe-down, full effect) - that'll be effect 2 for me
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Nope, from the description -
varies from Dry (toe-up, no effect) - that'll be effect 1 for me - to Wet (toe-down, full effect) - that'll be effect 2 for me

No, it won't be effect 2 - it will be effect 1 AND 2. You can't use the pedal to blend in effect 1 at all, it'll always be fully on in that setup.
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Seems I have to use the complicated splitter/pan pedal/mixer setup(
Anyone know nice two input mixers? I'm thinking about a Nobels one, they're not expensive and should be good...
i think Steve Vai does basically the same thing: he bleeds the signal of his Fender dual Showman into his Carvin Legacy amps.
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Won't work - it's basically the same thing as the Morley, more complicate though.
Besides, since one of the effects I'm planning to use in my setup doesn't have a level knob, the mixer would be better - since it has input volume level controls.