I'm looking for a Jackson Soloist (SL1, SL2, or SL3, doesn't matter), but there are so many off models. I've seen SL2H, SL2H-Mah, SL2HT, SL2H-MAHQ, SLSMG, SL1T.

What's with all the different models? I'd hate to get a jackson that's one of these models (or perhaps not one of these models) and have it not be as good as everyone says it is.


I'm not a Jackson know-it-all, but I'm pretty sure if 'T' is in the model name e.g. SL1T, it's a hardtail guitar. Regarding the SLSMG and SL3, they are both Japanese models and not as well built as the USA models which the SL2 and SL1 are.

I think.
SL2H-standard 2 humbucker soloist
Sl2H MAH-mahogany body/maple top 2 humbucker soloist
SL2HT Non-trem standard 2 humbucker soloist
SL2H MAHQ- quilt top SL2H MAH
SLSMG Superlight soloist (MG series, Japan Made). EMG 81(b)/85(n)
SL1T Standard SL1, no trem. HSS pickup arrangement
SL3 Pro Series Soloist, HHH pickup arrangement (2 hot rails for neck and middle, JB for bridge)
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what the guy above said, except that even though the SL3 is HHH, the 2 hotrails are very bright and do excellent cleans, so they are pretty much like single coils