Ok so a few people I've talked to either hate or love the hummingbird, and my local shop in town doesn't carry the dove. Does anyone have any experience bad or good on either of these? Or if you could recommend any acoustics around this price range that'd be awesome. I've got an epi les paul and i love it which is why I'm looking at these 2 acoustics. Advice pleeasee, thanks

Hummingbird: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Hummingbird-Acoustic-Guitar?sku=518028

Dove: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Dove-Acoustic-Guitar?sku=518210
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Well... acoustic guitars are all about personal preference. people will EITHER love or hate it. Personally, I think they're alright guitars. Not my cup of tea, but they're quality guitars. There's absolutely no way to tell if the guitar is really for you unless you try it out.
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I think the Dove looks better, solid spruce top too...probably pretty decent guitar.
I recently played a dove at GC. Nice fit and finish, absolutely killer neck/setup (unfortunately there seems to be much variation between specific instruments) probably the best I have ever tried, like a well set up Les Paul. I would have bought it but the tone wasn't what I was looking for. I was very balanced but not very loud or acoustic sounding, I suspect this is a function of the very thick, but very attractive finish. I kind of regret not buying it because of the liller neck and I have since added a baggs magnetic acoustic pickup to the guitar I actually ended up buying which was a Breedlove Passport........Korean made very nice acoustic sound and very well made. If I was just starting out I'd recommend the Dove if you can find one with a neck like I'm talking about, try getting a guy at CG to tighten the truss rod a little if the action isn't low. Pros: may have a great neck and slightly narrower width that would be easier for a beginner to play, Looks Great, Cons: too quiet for me, and generally unremarkable tone. Looks and plays very well for the price just sounds run of the mill.
I have played but now owned both, and I have to say, the Dove is far better in almost every aspect. It even looks better (not a concern of mine, but it might be one of yours). The Dove surpasses the hummingbird in almost every aspect. I could go on and make a whole review, but I don't feel like it. Go to harmony-central and look up reviews for both there to get the whole picture from many guitarists.
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I own the hummingbird and I find it to be a great guitar. I think it's very similar to the Dove. But I second everyone else that you need to try for yourself.
The Dove is actually better. I believe it's the maple laminate. I have a thing for maple body woods, though.
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thanks guys, appreciate the opinions. great info on the dove. you're right i do need to just get to a GC and check both out, hopefully i can catch a ride there soon.
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i perfer the warmer sound of the hummingbird with mahogany laminate back and sides .. i have played both and was more impressed with the humminbirds sound .. but thats just my opinion .. good luck on your search
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I've got the Epi Dove, and I remember going to Guitar Center wanting to look at the Hummingbird. But then when I got there and played the Dove, I liked it alot more than the Hummingbird *yet i don't remember why..*. But the Dove is a quality acoustic that's good for its price.
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