Hey guys, sorry if this is out of topic but the problem I have involves some gear I am using for recording guitar.

I usually record my guitar (Yamaha SG 700S w/hambuckers) through a line6 POD 2.0 into a standard IMac Line-in running GarageBand (tuned to use small buffers to improve ADC speed).

Alternatively, I practice with a boss RC-2 connected to the POD 2.0 line-in, with some earphones connected to the line-out of the POD.

I am not an ace guitar player, but I seem to be recording solos in-time with the backing track, with a good groove given by using pull-on/offs, bendings and string muting. I am not perfect at it, but acustically it sounds good.

Well, listening to the recorded tracks, (either through Imac-GB or the Boss RC-2), the groove is gone, the sound is flat and notes seem far from being in time with the backing track.

I then managed to record an acustic guitar with the Imac built-in microphone ( ) and my playing (groove included) is much more reflected into what is recorded.

What's wrong with the digital recording chain I am using? Should I switch to a real amp+microphone to record? (I have a VOX AC30, by the way, but can't crank it up for nocturnal recordings, ya know). Should I, instead, change guitar?

Thanks a lot,

turn down your volume nob when recording and it will lower the gain and sound less compressed if thats what you mean.

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