Gday, is there a such thing os a remote guitar lead ie a little antenna thingy that u plug into your guitar, and one for the amp?

If so, where can u get it?

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Yes, wireless kits. You can get them
in every major music store. You're better off buying a mid- or high range one since the cheaper ones definitely have a negative effect on your tone.
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Yes, there are many, however they often cost upwards of $200, usually more than $300. Just search wireless guitar lead in google.
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Yes, loads of pros use them but as has already been said: unless you spend a considerable amount on one you're not likely to get anything worth the money, to be honest I'd much rather buy a long cable than a wireless unless you're actually playing stadia.
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yeah, just search for wireless systems on musiciansfriend or some site like that and you should get some prices
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