im not sure where this would go so i came to the pit.
im saving up for a jackson js30rr and i have about $80 to go.
i was wondering if i could trade in my squier strat at guitar center to either pay for the jackson or help pay fior it.
has anybody done this before? if you have how much would i get for the strat?
Quote by postmortem2006
RR JS30?

You might as well put rubber bands on a shoebox and clal that a guitar. Go one up and get the RRX10 instead

Yeah, this is probably a good idea. The JS series are their 'Junior' series, and aren't up to the quality of the pro series, which are really quite good.
i have a JS30RR...

its pants tbh, it has a truss rod you cant adjust because something is blocking the bit where you stick your allen key in, the gloss on the back is done horridly so you get that horrid green **** where theres no gloss.

Keep the squire and save up...trust me